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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Online Tutoring for Military Families

Finally, I can talk/write about this openly. Not exactly military top secret information, but our 24/7 online tutoring service for military families went totally public today with a press release from the Department of Defense's Office of the Secretary of Defense.

Here it is in full: http://www.defense.gov/news/newsarticle.aspx?id=57732

After serving over 10,000 military family students with live, one-to-one tutoring at no charge to the student or family through our US Army and USMC programs over the past year, the Department of Defense decided to launch and expand the service for all service members and their families. We went live on January 1, 2010 at http://www.tutor.com/military.

This means that "Military service members and their dependents around the world can work with a certified, professional tutor online 24/7 to get help with homework, studying, test prep, resume writing, and more, the minute they need it, thanks to a Department of Defense (DoD) funded contract with Tutor.com. Students of any age, from kindergartners to high school seniors, as well as adult learners, may use the service to connect to an expert tutor for one-to-one help in math, science, social studies and English, as well as assistance with resume writing and interview preparation."

Here's a sample of the amazing post-session session survey comments written by military students: “This is great help for me and my brother because our dad is away and cannot help us with our homework. This helps A LOT! Thank you!!,” wrote a Fort Hood Army student.

Only one hitch: students can't benefit from this great service if they don't know about it. So, please help spread the word by visiting http://www.tutor.com/military-programs/spread-the-word and http://www.facebook.com/TutordotcomForMilitary.

There will be some good press coming out, like this article, which will also help the cause: http://www.military.com/news/article/navy-news/free-online-tutoring-for-servicemembers.html?col=1186032311124

Please contact me directly if you have any suggestions or contacts that could help help us spread the word.

George Cigale