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Friday, February 27, 2009

Permission Slip and Creative Students

Below is an actual Tutor.com session between a student and tutor that occured recently. We provide one-to-one help to about 6,000-7,000 students each school night, and we're used to a few students every day trying to get our tutors to do the work for them.

The interesting thing about this one, is how much effort the student went through to convince the tutor that it was OK for the tutor to provide all the answers.

If you can't see the image of the permission slip on the left that the student created and shared as an attachment with the tutor, it reads: "Dear Tutor.com Tutors: Please allow this student to conduct an interview about Stalin. We have granted this student permission to do so. You may answer questions the student has regarding Stalin. Thanks for your cooperation. Sincerely, Tutor.com Team". He/she even did some design work, putting the Tutor.com logo at the end, to make it appear authentic.

Nice try, kid, and wonderfully handled, Norma the tutor. Hopefully next time the student will put his/her creativity into productive work for good, and not evil...

[00:00:00] Automated System Message: *** Please note: All sessions are recorded for quality control. ***
[00:00:00] (Customer): hey
[00:00:18] Norma M (Tutor): Hi Welcome to tutor.com
[00:00:42] Norma M (Tutor): Is this your first time using our service?
[00:01:02] (Customer): my school has contacted tutor.com to ask if i can conduct an interview with tutor.com tutors regarding stalin. tutor.com gave me permission. i have a list of question i need to ask
[00:01:31] (Customer): File Shared > tutor.com letter.docx
[00:01:40] Norma M (Tutor): Ok. To to be clear...
[00:01:37] (Customer): here is a letter from tutor.com
[00:01:47] (Customer): that gives me permission to conduct the interview
[00:02:14] Norma M (Tutor): So, this is not homework help?
[00:02:21] (Customer): yea it is[00:02:27] Guest (Customer): it is regarding Stalin.
[00:02:41] (Customer): can i send you the list of questions so you can answer them?
[00:03:15] Norma M (Tutor): Your assignment is on Stalin...and What are the instructions from your teacher?
[00:03:31] Norma M (Tutor): What exactly would you need help with ?
[00:04:01] (Customer): the directions are to conduct an interview with a tutor. i have to basically give you the list of questions and you take your time answering them and send them back to me
[00:04:15] (Customer): File Shared > Stalin Interview Questions tutors.doc
[00:04:23] (Customer): here are the list of questions
[00:04:29] (Customer): please let me know when you are done
[00:04:34] (Customer): and send them back to me
[00:06:47] (Customer): have you started?
[00:07:14] Norma M (Tutor): I opened both files shared
[00:07:17] Norma M (Tutor): however
[00:07:45] Norma M (Tutor): As a tutor with Tutor.com I am trained to help students arrive at the understanding of concepts
[00:07:54] Norma M (Tutor): and not to give out the answers..
[00:08:09] Norma M (Tutor): I will be glad to flag this session for review
[00:08:06] (Customer): you wont be giving answrs
[00:08:10] (Customer): this is a simple interview
[00:08:17] (Customer): i even have a letter
[00:08:31] Norma M (Tutor): and will not be able to just simple give you the anwers
[00:08:28] (Customer): and you will be my third tutor i interview
[00:08:41] (Customer): i already have the answres
[00:08:55] (Customer): i just need you to answer them to the best of your ability
[00:09:06] (Customer): can you do that?
[00:09:33] Norma M (Tutor): Our goal is to help you understand the concept so you can arrive at the right answers yourself. We can't give you the answers, but I can work with you to get there.

Reminds me of the old Welcome Back, Kotter show and Epstein's notes signed by “Epstein's Mom”, allowing him to do all kinds of crazy stuff. Those were some creative notes and permission slips.

George Cigale, gcigale@tutor.com