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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The New www.tutor.com Launched

We make frequent changes and improvements to our web site, often several times each week, but a major upgrade comes once every year or two, and it was released today.

I'm really proud of the new site, and the work that a dedicated small team did, with input from every part of the company. It took over 4 months, but really took into account 2+ years of comments and feedback from thousands of customers and site visitors (students, parents, librarians, teachers, school administrators, our tutors, partners, and press). We listened to what they wanted more of, how they wanted to get their information in this new world of social networking and efficient information flow, and built a site that looks better, speaks more directly to our key audiences, and makes it easier for students to get what they need. It's also a lot cooler and looks great.

With limited time and budget, many features had to be put on the backburner or launched with basic levels of functionality, so we could get the site launched by the end of August. The coming months will allow us to add more of the features that were on everyone's wish lists, bringing more great educational content, easier ways to connect to our great tutors, and exciting new ways to learn online.

And with so many dozens of new pages and so much dynamically generated content, I am expecting a fair amount of broken links, graphic problems, and typos (even though we have lots of grammar fanatics checking and editing) -- please email me any problems you notice so we can get them fixed right away. Thank you,

George Cigale, CEO